Whether you just need to relax or you are suffering from sore and tight muscles, Luna Day Spa can help you feel amazing! We offer a variety of massages. We have Swedish Relaxation Massage, Sport Massage, Cupping and CBD massages. All massages include aroma therapy and hot towels.








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Swedish massage, also known as a relaxation massage uses long, gliding strokes and gentle to medium pressure to alleviate tension. Pressure can be adjusted to suit your needs.


60 min                                        $85

90 min                                       $115



The Sport Massage focuses on the needs of the athlete. We strive to release muscle tension and restore balance through deep tissue massage techniques using firm pressure.


60 min                                       $90

90 min                                      $120



The Cupping Massage incorporates Chinese Cupping techniques. Cupping is great for myofascial release and increasing blood flow using gentle to medium level suction on areas of tension. Different cupping techniques are used to suit the client’s needs.

60 min                                      $100

90 min                                      $130



The CBD Massage is performed with massage oil infused with CBD and topical CBD Relief Cream. CBD can be helpful in treating sleep disorders, muscle pain, and anxiety. The depth of the massage is adjusted to meet the needs of the client. This CBD oil is not psychoactive but could cause you to fail a drug test.

60 min                                       $110

90 min                                      $140